Chevy Pilot

What a great week for comedy! This week I get to work with one of my comedy heroes, Chevy Chase! I booked a great role in the pilot of a new ABC show called “Chev and Bev” (aka Chevy). It’s a new comedy series that follows Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as a version of their Vacation family selves, as they try to navigate their sunset years and travel the country in their RV. But they hit a roadbump when they have to start taking care of their 3 grandchildren. It’s been a really fun week! Here is a shot from on set with Chevy!

Dark Tapes Horror Film

Time for some horror! I am working the next few weeks on a new paranormal/ horror anthology movie called Dark Tapes. It is a series of about 5 or 6 short films that will all be tied together in some way to be shown as a feature. In my segment, Psycho Therapy, I play part of a couple who goes to a weekend retreat for therapy, just the two of them, and lots of ghosts from their past surface (literally and figuratively) and cause some serious tension in their marriage. The production company involved on the shoot is Wicked Horror, so check it out!