Michael in Homeless For The Holidays!

If you have been wishing that you could see me performing live and in person, well, you are in luck! I will be performing in a short run of a holiday themed One Act Play festival. There are only five performances, but I will be doing a fun role in a three person play called The Kindness of Strangers. It will be part of 3 one-acts and will have just over an hour running time. You can find the info on it at Homeless for the Holidays. Hope you can make it! Opens Friday,  December 3rd.

Showfriends Do West Wing:Trump Years

So, to get ready for the election this year, my production company, ShowFriends, decided to have some with it as well as poke some fun at network dramas and Sorkin.  I co-wrote this funny new sketch that has been selected for the Front Page of Funny or Die! It is a new drama coming to NBC this winter and it is called The West Wing: Trump Years. It has received almost 10k hits on Funny or Die. Go check it out for a good laugh!