Never Say Nyet

And the work keeps coming this month! Now I am working for the next week and a half on a new web series called “Never Say Nyet”. I actually shot a pilot of this fun web series last year and now we are shooting 5 more episodes. It is a mockumentary style web series that follows a Russian actress who is trying to show that she is more than just “Russian Stripper #3” and that there is a lot to learn about Russian culture. I play Marty, who is the hustling director that is trying to make videos for her that will get millions of hits on YouTube.

Sneak Peak at Next Comedy Short

In between shooting projects, I also like to do some writing. Last month I wrote a comedy sketch with my buddy Jeff Witzke, and today we got to shoot it. It’s a take on the whole diversity issue in casting for TV shows. It was a really fun day shooting and hopefully I’ll be able to show a finished copy of it in the next month! In the meantime, here is a pic from set.

The Muppets!

So, as a kid I always loved watching the Muppets and this week I got the distinct pleasure to actually WORK with The Muppets! I booked a role on a new episode of the show and got to play with all the Muppets, including a scene with Uncle Deadly.

Hope Dances Shoot

Back to work in the film world- yay! This time I am heading up to Santa Cruz for a week to work on a new indie film, tentatively called “Hope Dances”.  I get to play the father of an 11 year old daughter who is great at ballet and baseball and her parents and coaches are split in what they want her to pursue full time, but she wants to keep doing both. It’s a nice Disney like pre-teen drama and I get to play a Dad which will be really fun!

Michael on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy

If you are around a TV this week, tune in to ABC Family to catch me as the lawyer, Mr. Stevens on a new episode of Baby Daddy! It’s episode #414 if you are wanting to download it online in some form, and the title of the episode is called “Lowering The Bars”.


Michael in Film, “Uploaded”

And now for a thriller! What a fun past few weeks it’s been as I just finished shooting a supporting role in a new thriller/suspense film called “Uploaded”. I play Eddie, who is one of the best friends of the lead in the film. It also stars Eric Roberts, Beverly Mitchell and Tom Green. It was directed by Ethan Black. It was blast to shoot, as I got to pretend to be a bank robber and also got to go in a get away car! Keep an eye out for this project to come out later in 2015, or keep up with the progress of the film on it’s twitter feed!

Chevy Pilot

What a great week for comedy! This week I get to work with one of my comedy heroes, Chevy Chase! I booked a great role in the pilot of a new ABC show called “Chev and Bev” (aka Chevy). It’s a new comedy series that follows Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as a version of their Vacation family selves, as they try to navigate their sunset years and travel the country in their RV. But they hit a roadbump when they have to start taking care of their 3 grandchildren. It’s been a really fun week! Here is a shot from on set with Chevy!

Dark Tapes Horror Film

Time for some horror! I am working the next few weeks on a new paranormal/ horror anthology movie called Dark Tapes. It is a series of about 5 or 6 short films that will all be tied together in some way to be shown as a feature. In my segment, Psycho Therapy, I play part of a couple who goes to a weekend retreat for therapy, just the two of them, and lots of ghosts from their past surface (literally and figuratively) and cause some serious tension in their marriage. The production company involved on the shoot is Wicked Horror, so check it out!