6/3/17 - This weekend I got to fly up to Santa Cruz for the premier of the film, Hope Dances. It was such a fun time shooting the film and it was great to reunite with the cast and crew to view the finished product. Very happy to hear that the film got picked up for international distribution in theatres around the world and also will have a VOD release here in the states. It premieres here in the US on June 6 and will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon as well as DVDs in Walmarts across the country. So, please go check it out and to help the sales of it, buy a DVD if you can and also go and give it a great rating on iTunes or Amazon. Any of those things help it stay visible on the sites for longer. Thanks!

6/1/17 - One of the films I shot last year will be releasing next week and I’m starting to get a little press from it which is great! The film is “Hope Dances” and it is a sweet family film where I play the Dad of the lead. Check out this great little article in Broadway World!

5/20/17 - I thought it might be time to spice things up a little, so I went ahead and got some new headshots done. I went to this great guy named Daniel Scherl who took some awesome pics. I have included one here as well as the photo above is a new pic.

4/20/17 - Always fun to get some press and we just got some more press for one of our Showfriends sketches that was on Funny Or Die last fall. Check out this fun article on West Wing: Trump Years that made it on Bored Panda.

2/22/17 - Time to get some laughs just in time for the Oscars! Ever wonder what it takes to become a professional Seat Filler at an awards show? Now you can see just how it is done! Check out the newest sketch from Showfriends, Masterclass: Seat Fillers on Funny or Die.

1/25/17 - I have been busy going through edits of the latest parody sketch that I co-wrote, produced and acted in with my group, Showfriends. This is another one that will be on Funny or Die and you can look for it in the coming weeks leading up to The Oscars as it has a definite awards show theme to it!

1/13/17 - I got to start off the year in a great way by flying out to Atlanta to work for a few days on a new Netflix feature called “Come Sunday”. It was great because I got to work for the second time across from Oscar nominated actors, this time it was with Chewitel Ejiofor from “12 Years a Slave” and “The Martian”. It was fun time and I look forward to seeing the film when it comes out!

11/20/16 - If you have been wishing that you could see me performing live and in person, well, you are in luck! I will be performing in a short run of a holiday themed One Act Play festival. There are only five performances, but I will be doing a fun role in a three person play called The Kindness of Strangers. It will be part of 3 one-acts and will have just over an hour running time. You can find the info on it at Homeless for the Holidays. Hope you can make it! Opens Friday,  December 3rd.

11/2/16 - So, to get ready for the election this year, my production company, ShowFriends, decided to have some with it as well as poke some fun at network dramas and Sorkin.  I co-wrote this funny new sketch that has been selected for the Front Page of Funny or Die! It is a new drama coming to NBC this winter and it is called The West Wing: Trump Years. It has received almost 10k hits on Funny or Die. Go check it out for a good laugh!

10/5/16 - I get to go from Dad to Detective. On the same night that you can watch my episode of Modern Family, I just found out that I booked a role on the great Amazon drama, Bosch. So, keep you eyes open in the coming month for me to pop up as a new Detective on this great show!

8/12/16 - It’s always really fun and exciting when you end up booking work on a show that you actually watch all the time and love. That was the case for me this week when I booked a role on one of my favorite comedies, Modern Family! I had the pleasure of working with most of the cast during the week and had a really fun scene with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. I will for sure keep everyone posted as to when the episode airs, which will probably be some time in Mid-September.

8/1/16- I just got back from Santa Cruz where I was filming some reshoots for the film Hope Dances. The film is 95% done and they were just adding a few more scenes to help the arc of the characters and the story. The plan is for it to start being submitted for festivals by September so keep your eyes open for it!

7/14/16 - How cool is this!?!? The series that I was in, “Everyone’s Crazy But Us”, where I played Kate Walsh’s husband, was just nominated for an EMMY! Congrats to my co-star, Janet Varney, on her Emmy nom. Super excited for her and the show and proud to be part of such a funny project!

7/11/16 - Get ready to see some more funny shorts from the group I am in, called Showfriends. I am back to writing, acting and producing in our next series of web shorts that we just shot this week. I’m telling you, I think you’ll really like these! Stay tuned to the Showfriends YouTube page and also Funny or Die to catch all the fun!

6/15/16 - I just submitted my first comedy pilot to the NYTVF half hour pilot competition! I have written things before with partners but this is my first foray into writing a TV pilot on my own. Wish me luck! Winners will be announced later this summer.

6/8/16 - Great news! The feature I shot last year, The Dark Tapes, just won an award for Best Ensemble at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (LAIFF)! I feel happy and honored to be a part of this great little indie horror/thriller. Keep an eye out for it On-Demand and at other festivals in the future!

5/20/16 - I got to go back up to Santa Cruz this week to shoot 3 more days on the film, Hope Dances. I’m really excited to be able to share this film with you when it comes out. A great family drama about an 11 year old girl who has to make those first adult decisions about her life. She’s a great ballerina and softball player and everyone wants her to focus on just one thing, but life is about more than just that, or so she realizes.

3/15/16 - So, if you want a good laugh today you should check out this comedy short that launches on Funny or Die today! I wrote it with my friend, Jeff Witzke and we poke fun at diversity casting in the entertainment industry. Click here to watch it!

1/21/16 - And the work keeps coming this month! Now I am working for the next week and a half on a new web series called “Never Say Nyet”. I actually shot a pilot of this fun web series last year and now we are shooting 5 more episodes. It is a mockumentary style web series that follows a Russian actress who is trying to show that she is more than just “Russian Stripper #3” and that there is a lot to learn about Russian culture. I play Marty, who is the hustling director that is trying to make videos for her that will get millions of hits on YouTube.

1/19/16 - In between shooting projects, I also like to do some writing. Last month I wrote a comedy sketch with my buddy Jeff Witzke, and today we got to shoot it. It’s a take on the whole diversity issue in casting for TV shows. It was a really fun day shooting and hopefully I’ll be able to show a finished copy of it in the next month! In the meantime, here is a pic from set.

1/12/16 - So, as a kid I always loved watching the Muppets and this week I got the distinct pleasure to actually WORK with The Muppets! I booked a role on a new episode of the show and got to play with all the Muppets, including a scene with Uncle Deadly.

1/4/16- Starting 2016 right off the bat with some work! I am back up in Santa Cruz working on the film Hope Dances! Santa Cruz was great and even though it was raining for part of the week, we were still able to get a bunch of cool exterior shots.

11/20/15 - Back to work in the film world- yay! This time I am heading up to Santa Cruz for a week to work on a new indie film, tentatively called “Hope Dances”.  I get to play the father of an 11 year old daughter who is great at ballet and baseball and her parents and coaches are split in what they want her to pursue full time, but she wants to keep doing both. It’s a nice Disney like pre-teen drama and I get to play a Dad which will be really fun!

11/9/15 - That hilarious web series I am in called “Everyone’s Crazy But Us” just launched on Funny or Die today! And we are on the front page, so please go check it out. I play Kate Walsh’s husband in episode 2 where we deal with our friends and her food allergies. The show just got picked up for more episodes, so hopefully my character comes back again later this season!

6/21/15 - If you are around a TV this week, tune in to ABC Family to catch me as the lawyer, Mr. Stevens on a new episode of Baby Daddy! It’s episode #414 if you are wanting to download it online in some form, and the title of the episode is called “Lowering The Bars”.

4/20/15 - And now for a thriller! What a fun past few weeks it’s been as I just finished shooting a supporting role in a new thriller/suspense film called “Uploaded”. I play Eddie, who is one of the best friends of the lead in the film. It also stars Eric Roberts, Beverly Mitchell and Tom Green. It was directed by Ethan Black. It was blast to shoot, as I got to pretend to be a bank robber and also got to go in a get away car! Keep an eye out for this project to come out later in 2015, or keep up with the progress of the film on it’s twitter feed!

3/25/15- What a great week for comedy! This week I get to work with one of my comedy heroes, Chevy Chase! I booked a great role in the pilot of a new ABC show called “Chev and Bev”. It’s a new comedy series that follows Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as a version of their Vacation family selves, as they try to navigate their sunset years and travel the country in their RV. But they hit a roadbump when they have to start taking care of their 3 grandchildren. It’s been a really fun week! Here is a shot from on set with Chevy!

3/12/15 - Time for some horror! I am working the next few weeks on a new paranormal/ horror anthology movie called Dark Tapes. It is a series of about 5 or 6 short films that will all be tied together in some way to be shown as a feature. In my segment, Psycho Therapy, I play part of a couple who goes to a weekend retreat for therapy, just the two of them, and lots of ghosts from their past surface (literally and figuratively) and cause some serious tension in their marriage. The production company involved on the shoot is Wicked Horror, so check it out!

2/17/15 - What a fun week! I had the pleasure of working on a brand new comedy web series called “Everyone’s Crazy But Us”! It is written by the talented comedy writer, Christy Stratton (Raising Hope, Awkward, King of the Hill) and I got to play Kate Walsh’s husband in an episode! The series also stars Diedrich Bader and Janet Varney, as well as a cameo by Keegan Michael Key from Key and Peele fame. Super fun week and I think this show is going to be a big hit! More info coming soon when it premiers.

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