1/12/15 - Starting off 2015 with a bang! I just found out that I get to work this whole week as a top of show guest star on the hit ABC Family comedy, Baby Daddy! I get to play Mr. Stevens, who is a lawyer that goes up against one of the main characters on the show in a civil case. And the judge on the episode is legendary sitcom actor, Jackeé Harry! Looks like maybe I am getting type cast as a lawyer these days? Fine with me, I’ll take it!

12/27/14- I just got a great Christmas present to end the year. I just found out that I made it into one of the posters for Inherent Vice! Below you can see a copy of the poster that features Reese Witherspoon’s character, and sure enough, to the right of her face, Rhus Frothingham makes a guest appearance. Hope you all can make it to see it in the theatres when it opens nationwide on Jan. 9!

12/10/14 - Today is the NY/LA release of Inherent Vice! Woo-hoo! In honor of it, I have a clip of part of the scene that I am in with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. To see the whole thing, you’ll have to go see the film!

11/5/14 - Great news from the world of the play that I am currently in, Reasons to Live. We just found out that we got extended till Dec. 7! The show has been going great and here is a great review from the LA Times! Definitely come check out this great show if you have a chance- it’s a really fun night of theatre!

10/4/14 - What a great weekend I just had! I got to fly out to NYC for the weekend and be part of the red carpet and festivities for the world premiere of Inherent Vice! Here is one of the pics from the red carpet, and if you want to see some interviews from there, Here are a couple of links- Interview #1, #2 and #3.

9/12/14 - Have you been thinking, “Man, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to see Michael’s acting live and in person.”? Well then, you’re in luck! I just got cast in a World Premiere production of the new play, “Reasons To Live” which will be opening at the Skylight Theatre in Hollywood in October and running for 7 weeks. It is a co-production with the acclaimed Open Fist Theatre Company and I am very excited to be a part of this great cast and show! Hope you can make it out to see me and the show!


7/28/14 - So, an update on the film that I shot last year, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. I just found out that Inherent Vice is going to be the centerpiece premier film for the New York Film Fest on Oct. 4. And even better news is that I heard from a source at Warner Bros., that I made the final cut of the film- woo-hoo!

2/10/14 - Well, I just booked a part in a new web series! It’s called Never Say Nyet, and it’s a mockumentary web series about a Russian actress who only gets cast as the stereotypical Russian roles. So, in order to break the mold, she decides to make a web series about all the other sides of her that make her more than just “Russian Bimbo 3” etc. I play the hustling producer Marty, that thinks he knows everything about the biz, but in reality, knows very little about it!

1/10/14 - Happy New Year! I just started my New Year off right by doing a show! I was involved in a great One Act Play Festival called Solstice. It was an evening of original one-acts plays written, acted and directed by studio members at the acting studio I go to, Warner Loughlin Studios. It was all done over the weekend as a fundraiser for a scholarship fund to help pay tuition for people who can’t afford full price acting class. It was a great weekend as all 4 shows SOLD OUT and we had a great response!

10/1/13- Ever been afraid of aliens??? Well, then I don’t know if you want to look for me in the project I just worked on. Although, it’s a comedy, so it shouldn’t be too scary! I booked a role on the ABC show, The Neighbors! Should be airing in November so be sure to check it out.

9/6/13- So, it looks like other people want to know what’s been going on with me as well. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed recently by The Examiner, and here is a fun little article they did on some of my recent work. Check it out here!

7/8/13- Haven’t updated things in a little while but this one is noteworthy! I booked a great supporting role in the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, “Inherent Vice”, based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon.  It has a stellar cast and my scenes were all just 3 people- Me, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. One of the most fun shoots I have been a part of yet! Definitely keep an eye out for this project when it comes out.

1/23/13 - Some fun news on the feature film front! I just booked a role in the new comedy “Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant”.  It’s a great comedy in the vein of the classic film, “Airplane” and has a stellar cast. Some of the other names involved include Mark Feuerstein, Stanley Tucci, Danny Pudi, Henry Winkler and Marcia Gay Harden. Should be a great time and a really great project!

9/7/12- Just booked a commercial for Honda! It shoots at the end of the month. It is set to be a regional spot in Texas, but here’s hoping they love it there and it plays elsewhere!

8/26/2012 - The short film I did earlier this year called “The End Again” just became an official selection for the 16th Annual LA Shorts Festival!  I am really excited about this project and I just saw a preview of it and I think it turned out great! This festival is featuring people like Jake Gylenhaal, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Shia LeBouef acting in other shorts, so I am in some pretty good company. And several shorts that have premiered here have gone on to get Oscar nominations! My short screens on Sept. 8 at 3:15pm. Click HERE for more information.

7/25/2012 - Great news! I just booked a lead in the new indie horror feature, “TESSA”. I’ll be shooting for 3 weeks in September and I get to play one of the bad guys! I do some kidnapping, some chasing people in the woods and even get a great death scene. Should be a blast. In a few weeks I have a fitting for prosthetics and SFX makeup, so stay tuned for future updates and photos.

7/5/2012 - The screening of House Husbands at ITV Fest was great! Great audience response and some interest from some producers, so here’s hoping someone wants to buy it and make more episodes!

6/25/12 - So, if you are looking for something to do after the 4th of July, then come see our short film, House Husbands, which is premiering at the ITV Fest at the LA Convention Center on July 5 at 3pm. Click HERE for tix and info!

1/7/12 - Great start to the new year! I get to go to Cincinnati for 4 days to work on a project for Fifth Third Bank. Never been to Cincy before, but always fun to travel for work and get paid to do it.

12/3/2011 - For the next two weeks I am in an evening of One-Act plays with the 6th Annual Above The Curve One-Act Festival. Come check it out if you are free!

11/18/2011 - This week I shot a part in a new 2 person short film called “The End

Again”. It is a piece that plans to be shopped around the festival circuit and I play a guy on the verge of suicide, who is rescued surreptitiously by an adorable old lady.  It was directed by Steve Martinez and should be screened sometime in early 2012.

11/11/2011 - This week I shot a new web pilot called, “Bobby Winkmeyer: Toddler Life Coach”. I played one of Bobby’s patients. It’s a cool new web pilot that was being done thru a company that is associated with Yahoo and the one of the new Yahoo channels they are planning to launch. If it gets picked up, they will be shooting 10-15 new episodes in 2012, so fingers crossed they like it!

10/6/11 - Two fun things this week. My episode of CSI:NY airs on this Friday, October 7 at 9/8pm Central time on your local CBS station.  Also, next week I will be shooting a part I booked in a short film based on the life of Reginald Lewis, who became America’s first African-American billionaire.  I play his law firm partner in the project. It is set in the 70’s and 80’s and I get to grow a beard for it!

8/8/11 - Great news! I just booked a fun guest star spot on CSI:NY. I shoot it this week. I play a guy who is questioned about a murder, but turns out I’m just a dude trying to get away with insurance fraud. Best part- my character drives a Ferrari!

6/5/2011 - Check out the Dances With Films Festival at the Sunset Laemlee in Hollywood this week, as a short film I was in called “Introducing Dave Cook” is in the festival this week. It’s a fun short I did where I played the title character of the short.

5/2/2011 -  I just got done shooting a commercial for Take 5 Candy Bar.  This is the first time I have done a candy bar spot where I actually have to eat the candy bar during the shoot. I must say that I had never had a Take 5 bar before the shoot, and I probably won’t ever need to have one again after the shoot!  I probably had to eat parts of about 3 dozen candy bars in the shoot and even though they had a “spit bucket” for me, it was still a challenge at the end of the day to pretend that I enjoyed the taste of that bar in my mouth!

4/29/2011 - The premier of the new film that I am in is released nationwide this weekend! It is a great zombie/vampire horror/thriller called Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.  I play a zombie who works in the morgue and helps out Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington’s characters. Check out the TRAILER and you can catch a glimpse of what 2 hours in the make up chair can make me look like as a zombie!

3/1/11 - So, all this press about Charlie Sheen and him doing all these interviews has even benefited me! Yesterday I did a fake commercial for the new drug called “Charlie Sheen”! Check out a clip of it from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

12/1/10 - I just shot a fun in-house video for Red Bull. The director was Adam Stein, whom I had worked with before on the web pilot “Phil Blanks” several years back. It was a really fun shoot because they allowed me to improv a bunch on it and ended up keeping a bunch of my stuff in the final edit!

9/25/10 - I am currently rehearsing for SNAPSHOTS, a night of one act plays with all proceeds going to breast cancer research. It is going to be a GREAT show.  One weekend only though, Oct. 14-17, so don’t miss it! Click HERE to purchase tickets and get all the info on it.


8/19/10 - Just booked a spot for GM On-Star and get to go up to San Francisco next week to shoot it. Looking forward to traveling for work!

7/23/10 - The Baby Dance has opened to sold out houses and great response from theatre patrons. Check out some of the comments at Goldstar, where you can also buy tickets. This really is a must see, I promise you will enjoy it! :)


6/30/10 - I am in rehearsals right now for a play I am doing called “The Baby Dance”.  It is going to be a great show, running for just SIX performances over two weeks.  To buy tickets and learn more about the show, you can go to Plays411. I am really excited about the cast and the show and you definitely want to make it out, since I haven’t been on stage in LA for over 2 years!

4/3/10 - Just found out I booked a commercial for Mike’s Hard Lemonade! Sweet. Gotta love winning the commercial lottery every once in a while.


3/1/10 - I just shot a part in an episode of the new Nickelodeon show, “True Jackson, VP”. It’s Nick’s highest rated show! I play a fashion photographer who is doing a spread on one of True’s bosses.  I’ll let you know when it airs as soon as I know myself.