Never Say Nyet

And the work keeps coming this month! Now I am working for the next week and a half on a new web series called “Never Say Nyet”. I actually shot a pilot of this fun web series last year and now we are shooting 5 more episodes. It is a mockumentary style web series that follows a Russian actress who is trying to show that she is more than just “Russian Stripper #3” and that there is a lot to learn about Russian culture. I play Marty, who is the hustling director that is trying to make videos for her that will get millions of hits on YouTube.

Sneak Peak at Next Comedy Short

In between shooting projects, I also like to do some writing. Last month I wrote a comedy sketch with my buddy Jeff Witzke, and today we got to shoot it. It’s a take on the whole diversity issue in casting for TV shows. It was a really fun day shooting and hopefully I’ll be able to show a finished copy of it in the next month! In the meantime, here is a pic from set.

The Muppets!

So, as a kid I always loved watching the Muppets and this week I got the distinct pleasure to actually WORK with The Muppets! I booked a role on a new episode of the show and got to play with all the Muppets, including a scene with Uncle Deadly.