Michael On Modern Family

It’s always really fun and exciting when you end up booking work on a show that you actually watch all the time and love. That was the case for me this week when I booked a role on one of my favorite comedies, Modern Family! I had the pleasure of working with most of the cast during the week and had a really fun scene with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. I will for sure keep everyone posted as to when the episode airs, which will probably be some time in Mid-September.

Hope Dances Shoot

I just got back from Santa Cruz where I was filming some reshoots for the film Hope Dances. The film is 95% done and they were just adding a few more scenes to help the arc of the characters and the story. The plan is for it to start being submitted for festivals by September so keep your eyes open for it!

Showfriends Update

Get ready to see some more funny shorts from the group I am in, called Showfriends. I am back to writing, acting and producing in our next series of web shorts that we just shot this week. I’m telling you, I think you’ll really like these! Stay tuned to the Showfriends YouTube page and also Funny or Die to catch all the fun!

Comedy Pilot To NYTVF

I just submitted my first comedy pilot to the NYTVF half hour pilot competition! I have written things before with partners but this is my first foray into writing a TV pilot on my own. Wish me luck! Winners will be announced later this summer.

Hope Dances Update

I got to go back up to Santa Cruz this week to shoot 3 more days on the film, Hope Dances. I’m really excited to be able to share this film with you when it comes out. A great family drama about an 11 year old girl who has to make those first adult decisions about her life. She’s a great ballerina and softball player and everyone wants her to focus on just one thing, but life is about more than just that, or so she realizes.

Never Say Nyet

And the work keeps coming this month! Now I am working for the next week and a half on a new web series called “Never Say Nyet”. I actually shot a pilot of this fun web series last year and now we are shooting 5 more episodes. It is a mockumentary style web series that follows a Russian actress who is trying to show that she is more than just “Russian Stripper #3” and that there is a lot to learn about Russian culture. I play Marty, who is the hustling director that is trying to make videos for her that will get millions of hits on YouTube.

Sneak Peak at Next Comedy Short

In between shooting projects, I also like to do some writing. Last month I wrote a comedy sketch with my buddy Jeff Witzke, and today we got to shoot it. It’s a take on the whole diversity issue in casting for TV shows. It was a really fun day shooting and hopefully I’ll be able to show a finished copy of it in the next month! In the meantime, here is a pic from set.